Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Microsoft Trade-In Promotion (Promotion)

  1. By entering the Promotion, Participant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions (Promotion Terms).

  2. The Promotion is offered by Microsoft Canada, Inc. (Microsoft), online only at https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/b/home or https://www.microsoft.com/fr-ca/store/b/home. Please do not submit any Promotion-related materials or correspondence to this address.

  3. Microsoft has retained Opia Limited (Promotion Administrator) to administer the Promotion on its behalf.

  4. This Promotion is open to individuals over the age of 18, resident in Canada who hold a valid bank account or PayPal account in Canada (Participant).

  5. Subject to full compliance with these Promotion Terms and Conditions (Promotion Terms), Participants who purchase a new (i.e., not second hand or refurbished) Qualifying Product (as shown at Table 1 below) between December 20, 2019 (00:01 – local time) and January 2, 2020 (23:59 – local time) (Promotional Period) from the online Microsoft Store available at https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/b/home or https://www.microsoft.com/fr-ca/store/b/home (Participating Retailer) shall be eligible to claim a variable cashback reward (Reward) up to the amounts shown at Table 2 upon trading-in a qualifying device (Trade- In Device) identified in Table 2.

Table 1 – Qualifying Products

Qualifying Product Product Name
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13” Surface Laptop 3 13" - i5/8/128 (Platinum)
Surface Laptop 3 13" - i5/8/256 (Platinum, Black, Blue, Sandstone)
Surface Laptop 3 13" - i7/16/256 (Platinum, Black, Blue, Sandstone)
Surface Laptop 3 13" - i7/16/512 (Platinum, Black, Blue, Sandstone)
Surface Laptop 3 13" - i7/16/1 (Black, Platinum)
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15” Surface Laptop 3 15" - AMD/8/128 (Platinum)
Surface Laptop 3 15" - AMD/8/256 (Platinum, Black)
Surface Laptop 3 15" - AMD/16/256 (Platinum, Black)
Surface Laptop 3 15" - AMD/16/512 (Platinum, Black)
Surface Laptop 3 15" - AMD/32/1TB (Black)

Table 2 – Trade-In Devices, Acceptance Criteria and Corresponding Rewards

Trade-In Device (must be manufactured in last 5 years unless stated otherwise) Corresponding Reward (CAD) Acceptance Criteria
Any Laptop $200 In working condition (i.e. must power on and function fully), manufactured within the last 5 years. Reasonable wear and tear shall be accepted. Power cords and any other accessories required in order for the Trade-In Device to power on.
Any Laptop with an i3, i5 or i7 processor $250
Apple MacBook 12” or Surface Pro 3 Laptop $325
Apple MacBook 14” or Surface Pro 4 Laptop $425
Microsoft Surface* or Apple MacBook* $500
*manufactured within the last 3 years only

For a submitted device to be considered a qualifying Trade-In Device it must both be a device listed in Table 2 and meet the Acceptance Criteria (also defined within Table 2).

  1. On purchasing a Qualifying Product in accordance with these Promotion Terms, a Participant must visit www.surfacetradein.ca during the period from 15 to 45 calendar days after of their purchase date (Claim Window) and provide the requested information, including a valid proof of purchase, in order to register their Qualifying Product (Claim). For the avoidance of doubt, the date of purchase as stated on the relevant proof of purchase shall be considered day one. This means that the last day that a Claim can be made in respect of a purchase made on January 2, 2020 (the last day of the Promotional Period) is February 15, 2020.

  2. Upon submission and approval of the Claim, a Participant will receive an email from the Promotion Administrator within 2 working days of Claim submission advising on whether the Claim has received conditional approval (Conditional Approval) and, if Condition Approval is given, providing instructions on how to ship their Trade-In Device to the Promotion Administrator, along with a pre-paid label for shipping. The Participant must dispatch the Trade-In Device (delivered in accordance with the shipping instructions) within 30 calendar days of the date of Condition Approval. By shipping their Trade-In Device to the Promotion Administrator, Participant will be making an irrevocable offer to sell the Trade-In Device to the Promotion Administrator or, at the option of the Promotion Administrator, permit the Promotion Administrator to recycle it. Ownership of the Trade-In Device will pass from Participant to the Promotion Administrator upon receipt of the Trade-In Device by the assigned carrier (or, if Participant elects to use its own carrier, upon receipt of the Trade-In Device by the Promotion Administrator or its supplier), and the Trade-In Device will become the sole and exclusive property of the Project Administrator. At no time will Microsoft take any title to or interest in any Trade-In Device or assume any obligation of additional fees or taxes that may be incurred in connection with the Trade-In Device.

  3. Participants are permitted to make a maximum of one Claim per bank account or PayPal account, as the case may be.

  4. If a Claim submission is not approved (e.g., because an incomplete Claim form or a non-valid proof of purchase is submitted by the Participant) a notification email will be sent by the Promotion Administrator to the Participant providing the opportunity for the Participant to submit the required items within 5 working days of the email being sent. If no reply is received within this timeframe, the Claim will be deemed invalid and rejected and the Participant shall not be eligible to receive any Reward.

  5. Upon a qualifying Trade-In Device being received by the Promotion Administrator, the Participant shall receive an email confirmation of payment of the applicable Reward via bank transfer to the bank account or PayPal account, as the case may be, identified by the Participant on the Claim form. Payment will be made within 28 calendar days of receipt of validation of the Trade-In Device.

  6. Qualifying Products are subject to Participating Retailer availability and a maximum of 1,200 Qualifying Products are available as part of this Promotion. Other exclusions and limits may apply.

  7. Each Reward is non-exchangeable and non-transferable. There is no alternative to the Reward in whole or in part.

  8. Should the Trade-In Device fail to meet the Acceptance Criteria, the Trade-In Device will be returned to the Participant or recycled free of charge by the Promotion Administrator and no Reward will be paid. The Participant will be notified by the Promotion Administrator by email if the Trade-In Device fails to meet the Acceptance Criteria and given 7 calendar days from the date of such email to choose whether to have the Trade-In Device returned. If the Promotion Administrator receives no request to return the device within this timeframe, the device will be recycled by the Promotion Administrator.

  9. Upon receipt of the Trade-in Device all data on the device will be deleted or overwritten by the Promotion Administrator. Deletion of all confidential data and information which is subject to applicable data protection legislation is the sole responsibility of the Participant. The Participant must destroy all such information prior to shipping the Trade-In Device to the Promotion Administrator. Microsoft accepts no responsibility for the data or information on any Trade-In Device.

  10. Microsoft accepts no liability for any Trade-in Devices that are lost, damaged or destroyed in transit. When available it is recommended that the Participant utilise an insured postal service. Neither Microsoft nor the Promotion Administrator is able to accept delivery by hand.

  11. Claims must only be submitted by the Participant. In no circumstances will Claims submitted by any third party on behalf of the Participant be accepted. Any such Claims will be rejected, and the Participant shall not be permitted to submit any further Claims.

  12. Microsoft and the Promotion Administrator reserve the right, at their absolute discretion, to disqualify Claims that either of them considers do not comply with these Promotion Terms.

  13. Microsoft shall have the right to undertake all such action as is necessary to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid Claims including, without limitation, to require further verification from a Participant of proof of purchase, as well as the identity and other relevant details of a Participant.

  14. If a Participant returns the Qualifying Product after submitting a Claim, the Claim will be deemed invalid and cancelled and the Participant must cancel the Claim immediately by calling (888) 445-8044.

  15. Participants who have queries relating to this Promotion should email support@surfacetradein.ca or telephone (888) 445-8044.

  16. Except where prohibited by applicable law, which may include the Province of Quebec, this Promotion shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario.

  17. All information gathered under this Promotion will be processed in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement available at: https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-ca/privacystatement or https://privacy.microsoft.com/fr-ca/privacystatement.